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The 2500 Series range of disposable, lightweight, cup-shaped respirators has been purposely designed with outstanding protection levels and fit as a primary focus. The cup shape, nose clip with preformed nose bridge and inner face seal result in a mask with high compatibility rate across different face shapes. With the addition of the adjustable 4-point head strap on the FFP3, the 2500 series provides an unrivalled secure fit and excellent fit test pass rate.


Our innovative filter technology has been developed with an increased surface area to offer ultra-low breathing resistance to help users breath more easily. The range also includes valved variants, these values are larger which increase efficiency further, improving comfort by allowing warm moist air easily flow out of the mask.


The range includes FFP2 valved and non-valved options as well as FFP3 valved. All are suitable for protection against a broad range of particulate hazards within a range of different industries.


The 2500 Series has all the right features to be the ideal fit for your workforce.



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